Does it matter if no one reads your blog?

Loads of people write blogs these days. They are a great opportunity to air your views and opinions on anything or nothing in particular. I was writing one the other day when a colleague asked if I cared how many people read my blog and whether it mattered if no one read it.

My answer was an emphatic "no". a blog (or at least mine) is an outpouring of thoughts and the very nature of putting those mental musings in to  different format helps to clarify your ideas and even unblock your mind to be more productive.

Psychologists suggest that if we put thoughts and ideas in writing then we are more likely to carry those ideas through to a successful outcome or put them in to practise. 

So write a blog and get things done.

Who needs anyone to read it!

“Some people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen. Others make it happen.”

Michael Jordan

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