Top Three Things to make the most of Your Christmas Break

Christmas can be a frantic time of year, fitting in all of your festivities, visiting family and friends etc. Plus you're probably in need of a rest as you've worked hard these last few months.

So how do you ensure you really recharge your batteries??

1. Diarise some time for you.

Whatever it is that keeps your energy levles high make sure you do it. Actually writing a trip to the gym, time with a friend or half an hour in the bath with a good book makes it an actual intention and ten times more likely to happen. That "you" time is essential for your well-being so do it now.

2. If something is really worrying you and making you feel stressed or anxious, ask yourself -

"How important will this be in six months time?"

If the answer is not very, then ditch it and focus on something else. If the answer is the opposite then "eat that ugly frog" now and get it out of the way ASAP

3. Take some time to look back and identify the things that have been really great in your life this year. Be thankful for those opportuntites and pat yourself on the back. be proud of your achievements and think about how you might like to capture them so that if the going starts to get tough in the new year you can look back and remind yourself of your potential.

Have a great break.

Take care of you and remember that healthy leaders create heathy teams and healthy learning.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Jim Rohn

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