Coaching GROW model

There are many coaching models in use but for us the GROW model is clear and flexible but most of all it is a highly effective way of working with you and your colleagues to achieve your goals and improve your professional and personal effectiveness.


GROW explained

The model has four distinct stages.

  • G – working with you to clearly define your GOAL or ambition
  • R – getting a clear and realistic picture of where you are in relation to your goals and challenges. What is your REALITY?
  • O – thinking through a whole range of possibilities to work towards a goal and take that first step. Drawing out all the OPTIONS which lead to the start and conclusion of a successful journey.
  • W – the final part of the process which explores how determined you are to take that first or next step. This WILL and commitment ensures success and an ambition fulfilled.

Download a GROW Model (PDF)

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